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Author:P. Brett, J. Rushton

Date published:04/10/2002

This publication presents a method of design for steel framed buildings using a parallel beam grillage system in which continuous composite secondary beams overlay pairs of primary beams. Each pair of primary beams sandwiches a line of columns, to which they are attached by steel brackets. The primary beams are non-composite. Advice is given on initial sizing, structural behaviour, construction aspects, and fabrication and erection details. A fully worked example is provided.

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Author:S J Hicks; J W Rackham; R M Lawson; P Fordham

Date published:26/01/2005

This publication presents the results of a cost comparative study to fourth quarter 2003 prices for two generic buildings which are typical of modern commercial construction. The buildings are fully designed for a range of steel, concrete and composite options, and structural framing plans are presented. The basis of the costings is set out and a schedule of rates is given. Procurement and construction programmes are presented for selected schemes in the Appendix. The study updates a previous study in 1993.

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Author:R E McConnel, Cambridge University (Author); R Lawson, The Steel Construction Institute (Author)

Date published:01/01/1993

This publication covers the design of composite stub girders. A simplified design model is presented which conforms to BS 5950: Part 3. The background test work used to verify the design model is illustrated. A worked design example is included.

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Author: R.M. Lawson, D.A. Nethercot

Date published:01/01/1992

This publication covers common problems of instability of Steel I-beams and columns, and gives advice consistent with BS5950-1:1990. The theory of elastic stability for these members is explained, and common cases that occur in building construction are presented.

Author:R.G. Ogden

Date published:17/10/2002

This publication considers the connection of curtain walls to steel frames. It covers the different forms of modern cladding that are typically used with steel or composite frames in commercial or similar buildings, apart from profiled sheeting and masonry, which are not covered. Issues such as support and restraint, installation and erection, the cladding/frame interface, tolerances, loading and performance in service are discussed with respect to several generic cladding types.

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Author:R Lawson and P D McKenna, The Steel Construction Institute(Author);

Date published:04/10/2002

This publication summarises an investigation of the design of structural steel systems with composite beams in commercial buildings which offer the facility for service integration. It reviews the factors influencing the design of the structure and services for buildings in Europe. It presents a series of hypothetical case studies, which includes cost estimates and service drawings.

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Author:Graham Couchman ,The Steel Construction Institute(Author); Graham Couchman ,The Steel Construction Institute(Editor); David Brown ,The Steel Construction Institute(Contributor);

Date published:01/01/1997

This publication presents a method of analysis and design which permits semi-continuous braced steel frames to be designed by hand. It sets out the benefits and design procedures, with particular attention paid to the connection design and behaviour. A worked example and connection capacity tables are provided, which are consistent with BS 5950-1:1990.

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